Running named on one interface only

Hexren me at
Wed Jan 19 12:28:27 PST 2005

AS>  Le 19/01/2005 à 21:06:47+0100, Hexren a écrit
>> *gnaahh* I seem to be unable to locate any information about limiting
>> nameds service to one interface only. Does anybody know where to do
>> this ?
AS> In named.conf something like

AS> options {
AS>  listen-on port 53 { ; your_address ; };
AS>  transfer-source your_address port 53;
AS>  notify-source your_address port 53;

AS> work fine.

AS> Regards.

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AS> Albert SHIH
AS> Universite de Paris 7 (Denis DIDEROT)
AS> U.F.R. de Mathematiques.
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AS> Wed Jan 19 21:13:19 CET 2005


thank you that helped :)


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