KSE and CPU in top...

Benjamin Walkenhorst krylon at gmx.net
Wed Jan 19 07:26:19 PST 2005


Krok wrote:
> But top/ps shows not several processes, but one process with CPU more
> then 100% sometimes :
> 611 mysql          20    0   142M 91832K kserel 3   6:57 165.09% 165.09%
> mysqld
> Is it normal ?

Do you happen to be running a multi-CPU system?
I recently experienced a similar thing with a threaded perl-script using
~120% CPU on a
dual AthlonMP. (and perl was, of course, built with ithreads)
My assumption is that FreeBSD is now able to spread a process's threads
among multiple CPUs.
If so, I am never getting a single-CPU for a desktop system again. =)
Oh yes, my /etc/libmap.conf:
libm.so.2       libm.so.3
libc_r.so.5     libpthread.so.1
libc_r.so       libpthread.so

Kind regards,

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