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Wed Jan 19 04:52:33 PST 2005

Xian (ian at [050119 23:21]:
> On Wednesday 19 January 2005 08:17, faisal gillani wrote:

> > Well it has been almost a year now since I first tried
> > FreeBSD 5.2.1 on my production server :-) " I like

> I installed FreeBSD on a machine with an Athlon 3200 that I accident under 
> clocked to 1.4GHz. I didn't notice for quite a while as the performance was 
> amazing any way. It didn't half go some when I put the clock speed up to 
> 2.2GHz.

I bought an old PC of a friend (-bat from the UK FreeBSD list). I just knew
I wanted a free Unix. He said "FreeBSD works flawlessly on these." THANK

I now administer Red Hat as part of my work duties. It's stable, it's
industrial strength, it does the job and by crikey it's a stupid incoherent
ill-conceived pain in the backside. I may respect Linux, but I don't have
to like it.

(The GNU tools are lovely IMO. It's doing anything with the kernel. Why
they couldn't come up with a simple and elegant idea like /etc/rc.conf ...)

> > next stop OpenSolairs .. :-)

I also admin Solaris. It too has its stupidities (mostly cruft from failed
marketing initiatives - it's hard to be a good Solaris admin without
knowing far too much Unix history), and the userland tools need to be
replaced with GNU or FreeBSD equivalents, and it's sorely underoptimised
for single-processor boxes. But it's industrial strength and very well
documented. Of course, when I was learning Solaris, I tended to read the
OpenBSD man pages to understand the command and the Solaris ones for the
particular switches in that version ...

- d.

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