Audio works... and then died ?

Andrew Sinclair syncman at
Tue Jan 18 20:01:42 PST 2005

semin at NZ wrote:

>Hi there,
>  I've got a Laptop (Compaq Presario 2166) with Conxant audio chip. I used to activate the audio with sound.ko and snd_t4dwave.ko when I use FreeBSD 5.1 without any (I suppose so) problem. I downloaded 5.3 several days ago. What happened to me is when I loaded those sound modules (not add into kernel yet), it work. When I start, the sound module didn't work suddenly. The sound disappered even the modules were loaded properly.
>  I tried to add sound modules into my kernel then make, install and reboot, and found still keep dumbness!! I'm definitely sure snd_ko and snd_t4dwave.ko are the correct ones. What on earth might go wrong?
Are you using KDE?
    If so, KDE would be loading 'artsd' at startup, which is its daemon 
for sharing the same sound board among multiple KDE applications. 
Problem is, while that is running, the sound board is no longer 
available for non-KDE applications.
    Quick fix:
    $ killall artsd; mplayer / realplay / whatever

    Keep in touch.

    - Andrew Sinclair <syncman0x at>

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