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Tue Jan 18 17:09:58 PST 2005

> Hello!

Good evening!

>  My name is Tadeusz Polak and I from Poland. I'm studying the Informatics at 
> and I'm interested in publishing of the informations and 
> advices about FreeBSD Operational System as a website. I'd like to ask about 
> the publishing rights of the logo of the FreeBSD.
> 1. May I make some visual modifications of appearance of this logo on my own 
> and used only on this website ?
> 2. What your requirements to be approved by you to have your official support 
> and permission to do it ?

The BSD daemon logo copyright is held by Marshall Kirk McKusick, details
can be found here:

As far as I know, he will not have any objection to you using the logo
for your purposes, but obviously you should ask him.


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