How to setup DVD, CD and Floppy Drives

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Tue Jan 18 08:07:55 PST 2005

Brian John wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a DVD writer, a CD writer and a floppy drive in my PC.  Since I
> don't know what file system that a media will use until I put it in the
> drive, how do I set it up in fstab?  This is what it looks like right
> now for these devices:
> /dev/acd0               /cdrom          auto    rw,noauto       0       0
> /dev/acd1               /cdrom1         auto    rw,noauto       0       0
> /dev/fd0                /floppy         auto    rw,noauto       0       0
> The problem is, when I click on a device, it says: "mount: exec
> mount_auto not found in /sbin:/usr/sbin: No such file or directory
> Please check that the disk is entered correctly."
> Also, I am using KDE 3.3.
> How can I get this to work?
> Thanks
> /Brian

AFAIK, there is no mount option "auto" in FreeBSD (as opposed to linux).
You will have to specify the fstype (cd9660 or msdosfs) explicitly.

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