Software mirgration from Windows for my friend

Sandy Rutherford sandy at
Tue Jan 18 00:19:23 PST 2005

>>>>> On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 16:10:15 -0600, 
>>>>> Vulpes Velox <v.velox at> said:

 > On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 03:00:25 -0800
 > Sandy Rutherford <sandy at> wrote:

 >> >>>>> On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 15:20:58 -0600, 
 >> >>>>> Vulpes Velox <v.velox at> said:
 >> >> Virtual CD is a program to mount iso images if I'm correct (
 >> >just> like alcohol or deamontools ) you can just mount .iso files
 >> >with> FreeBSD : man mount_cd9660
 >> > Last I checked, it required a bit more... you have to use
 >> > mdconfig to create a device entry in /dev for the file so you can
 >> > point mount at it.
 >> Yes, this is true.
 >> Sergei, this should do the job for you and your friend.  I have only
 >> used this up to FreeBSD 4.10.  Therefore, if vnode support is
 >> different in 5.x, it may need some updating.


 > Look at 16.6.2, for info on mounting a file and a example of both.

Looks like I'll have to update my script to use mdconfig when I
migrate to 5.x.  The syntax for loop fs mounts (which is what Linux,
IRIX, & Solaris call them --- not sure what "vn" or "md" stand for in
FreeBSD) varies unbelievably between "unix flavours".  I wrote the
script, because I could never remember the syntax of the day.  I work
in a FreeBSD/OpenBSD/Linux/Solaris/IRIX environment.


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