programming languages and visual programming under FreeBSD

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon Jan 17 15:43:42 PST 2005

koen de wijs wrote:
 > I heard that C is the most powerfull language under unix

Two points here: first, this is just one opinion, and one that may start 
a flame war (which I'll avoid); second, C is not just for UNIX, it's a 
platform neutral standard language. That means you can write a program 
with it and, as long as you stay away from system specific things, 
compile and run it on UNIX, Windows, Mac, you name what.
This holds true for many, but not all, languages.

C is quite powerful and I'd assess its difficulty as medium.
You might definitely want to give it a try, since it's very widespread.

 > Can you read and write directly with the printer port or does the
 > kernell block that?? I got a programm from someone that putted some
 > assmebler in his c programm to adress the printer port.

You had better not do this. Not on any multitasking OS.

 > What are the advantages of these languages above C

Without digging too deeply into it (it would require a book): C is a 
*programming language*, as opposed to *scripting* languages
The difference is quite subtle: a programming language aims at 
effectiveness and is usually to be preferred for large scale projects; a 
scripting language aims at simplicity and fast developing times.
I would say PERL and Python are scripting language, but now someone will 
fire on me :)

 > and are there more programming languages under FreeBSD?

Too many to list here. From C++ and Java to oldies like Fortran and tons 
of others.
Googling a bit will surely provide you with a list.


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