Creating a custom package

Chad Morland cmorland at
Mon Jan 17 10:52:26 PST 2005

I have recently setup a FreeBSD jumpstart server to install using PXE.
I would like to add some additional third-party applications as part
of the install. The last page of the FreeBSD jumpstart guide describes
how to make a custom package but it looks like it has to be built from
the ports tree. The applications that I am trying to install are
heavily customized and built from source.

Would it be best to create a package of the compiled sources? Can a
package be built if it is not a port? Do I need to create a custom
port first AND THEN create a package?


Should I create a small package with pre and post install scripts that
install the compiled source files via NFS as well as configure any
system settings?

My aim is to Jumpstart my server and have it running 100% operational
by the end of the install process with no human interaction.



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