freebsd IT mailing list or newsgroup?

Jim Durham durham at
Mon Jan 17 10:38:41 PST 2005

On Saturday 15 January 2005 01:12 pm, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Jim Durham wrote:
> > I am the sys admin for a company of about 500 people and I am running
> > Sendmail/Procmail/Spamassassin, Samba, Apache/PHP/MySql on FreeBSD..about
> > 8 servers in 3 offices across the US and soon to be more.
> OK.
> > Freebsd-questions is wonderful and I find a lot of answers there, but the
> > signal-to-noise is low when you are just looking for IT-oriented
> > information regarding FreeBSD. Especially regarding systems implemented
> > for an office/LAN environment.
> >
> > I was wondering if there is any mailing list or newsgroup devoted to IT
> > on FreeBSD? Google is not returning any hits on this, nor the listing on
> >
> Your question parses, but it is not clear what specific thing you have in
> mind that would seperate an IT-oriented list from a non-IT oriented list. 
> Can you either give an example question or two, or can you say why
> freebsd-questions is *not* IT-oriented?

Sorry for the slow reply...I was out of touch for a day..

I guess I'm thinking that there are just a lot of things that you get into in 
a corporate environment . "For instances" are hard to think of off the top of 
my head, but, how about implementing Citrix NFuse on Tomcat on FreeBSD? They 
always assume Linux or Solaris or (sorry..SCO..8-) ) and while you can make 
it work on FreeBSD, you spend a lot of time fixing stuff that probably 
someone else has fixed before or conversly, you should be sharing thi info so 
others don't have to wade through the 'discovery' process.
> Or does your question mean you looking for a list whose members are mostly
> sysadmins and network managers, rather than end-users? 


> FreeBSD doesn't 
> really make much distinction between an end-user and a sysadmin [1], but
> you might find freebsd-stable or freebsd-isp to come closer to what you are
> looking for.

What I'm saying is a list like freebsd-isp, but focused on corporate IT with 
FreeBSD.  -isp is helpful, and I *am* subscribed, but doesn't include a lot 
of IT types.



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