IPFW - How to allow NAT client to CVSup

James A. Coulter jacoulter at jacoulter.net
Mon Jan 17 07:46:29 PST 2005

Srot BULL wrote:
> Hi to everyone,
> I have 2 FreeBSD machines both running FreeBSD Stable 5.3 and both have 
> ipfw as firewalls...
> One is running ipfw with NAT functions.  Below is the is the rulesets 
> for the machine:

< -- snip rulesets -->

> As you can see I am using the rulesets that are found in the Handbook.  
> I have tried
> $CMD 00070 $SKIP tcp from me to any out via $INIC setup $KS uid root
> but still no go
> $CMD 00070 $SKIP tcp from me to any 5999 out via $INIC setup $KS
> but still no go
> Can anybody share their ipfw rulesets with me?  To allow my other PC to 
> cvsup...
> Thanks in advance...
> Srot BULL
> _______________________________________________

I also had problems using a similar "stateful" ruleset with IPFW & NAT.

As I understand it, a stateful ruleset will not allow passive ftp
connections from machines behind the firewall (although I was able
to establish passive ftp from my gateway/router/firewall machine itself)

This problem is documented in the mailing lists if you want to research

I ended up changing to a much simpler, non-stateful ruleset on my
gateway/router/firewall machine:


     ipfw -q -f flush

     # Set rules command prefix
     cmd="ipfw -q add"
     pif="dc1"     # public interface name of Nic card
                   # facing the public internet

     $cmd 005 allow all from any to any via dc0

     $cmd 050 divert natd ip from any to any via $pif

     $cmd 100 allow ip from any to any via lo0

     $cmd 200 deny ip from any to

     $cmd 300 deny ip from to any

     $cmd 65000 allow ip from any to any

     $cmd 65535 deny log all ip from any to any

This ruleset allows me establish passive ftp from any machine behind
the firewall, including accomplishing CVSUP.

So far I haven't had any problems with security.


Jim Coulter

James A. Coulter
jacoulter at jacoulter.net

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