Routing problem on 3 homed host

Tim Preece bsdbod at
Mon Jan 17 07:03:05 PST 2005


I am really having problems with this, any help appreciated.

Amended repost of "ipnat port forwarding froblem"

The configuration:

    This is a dedicated ADSL router with integrated firewall and nat
    The firewall cannot be configured other than turning ports
    on and off for traffic from the internet and routing traffic
    to specific hosts. All traffic is sent to the firewall.
    This firewall is an i386 arch FreeBSD 5.3 build currently running
    ipf and ipnat and sits on the three networks, and (This may be wrong, I am unsure
    of CIDR - please advise if it is).
    No nameserver setup all info in hosts files except for
    for traffic to and from the internet.
            map dc0 -> portmap tcp/udp 
            map dc0 ->
            map dc0 -> portmap tcp/udp
            map dc0 ->
    ipf.rules: - wide open until I can get this working
            pass out quick all
            pass in quick all

The setup: (simpified)

 IP:              | IP: x.x.x.x
 ----------                ----------
 | Laptop |----------------| Router |
 ----------                ----------
                               | IP:
                               | IP: IF: dc0
                         |  Firewall  |
 IP: IF: dc1 |            | IP IF: rl0
                         |            |
 IP:        |            |
                    -----------      ---
                    | DMZ Host|      | | Switch
                    -----------      | |
                                     | |
                                 | Pri Host |

The problem:
    The firewall can ping the router, dmz host and private host
    and can retrieve html pages from the internet.
    The laptop can ping the firewall
    The dmz host can ping the firewall
    The private host can ping the firewall
    The dmz host and private host cannot ping the router or
    retrieve pages from the internet. (No route to host)

Is there something else that I need to setup or do to enable routing
the packets between the 3 networks ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Tim Preece.

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