anyone know of good hardware "lanmodems"?

James Hong freebsd-ml at
Sun Jan 16 22:59:12 PST 2005

Sounds like a ROUTER with analogue line dialer + hub/switch built in.
It may be chaper to build a dial up seserver with modem attached to it.

James H

I know some cisco gears would do this but thats probably too expencive for
the price...

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Subject: anyone know of good hardware "lanmodems"?

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with 56k "Lan Modems" 
(these combine an Ethernet hub with a 56k modem).

Apple's Airport Extreme does this, but it's only a 1-port, and it's fairly
pricey.  3Com has one called "office connect"

Anyone done any recent pre-purchase research on this that they'd be willing
to share?  If possible I'd like to be able to dial IN as well as out.



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