programming languages and visual programming under FreeBSD

koen de wijs koendewijs at
Sun Jan 16 11:24:05 PST 2005

Hallo, I'm just new wtih unix and FreeBSD and I have a question about 
programming languages, I want to learn some of them but don't know where 
to start.

I heard that C is the most powerfull language under unix and almost the 
complete system is written under it.
You can do everything with it. Where is a good toturial?

Can you read and write directly with the printer port or does the 
kernell block that?? I got a programm from someone that putted some 
assmebler in his c programm to adress the printer port.
And where can I find an overview of all the *.h files that you can use 
under FreeBSD

Are there any visual programming tools under FreeBSD, like click and 
drag like microsoft visual c?
The only options that I found where:
GTK, KDE libs and Gnome libs or directly tlak with the x server.

The other languages that I know are:
Perl, I could only find that it is especially for tasks for your system 
and that it's based on C
Shell scripts, for tasks for your systems and simple programms

What are the advantages of these languages above C and are there more 
programming languages under FreeBSD?
I don't want to start a war, where everybody says "What I'm doing is 
best", like microsoft!
I just want to know what are the common advantages of those languages.

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