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John john at
Sun Jan 16 10:21:00 PST 2005

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 12:36:41PM +0000, Mick Walker wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I have bought myself a wireless network card (Linksys WPC11 VER 3), it
> is detected by the kernel and it shows up in ifconfig as wi0.
> However I cant seem to get it to work, I have followed the instructions
> in the hand book, it works fine if I disable wep on the wireless access
> point, however with it enabled it doesn't work at all.
> Could someone give me a brief outline of how to get wep working?
> If you need any other data, I would be happy to help.

You need to issue a command like
ifconfig wi0 ssid "whatever it is" wepmode on wepkey 0xsomehexstring
then wait about 15 seconds (the docs say 5, but that's too short
in my experience)
and then
dhcpclient wi0
unless you are hardcoding the IP address, in which case, include that
on the ifconig line with "inet oct1.oct2.oct3.oct4 netmask oct5.oct6.oct7.oct8"
in addition to the other parameters above.

I don't know how to use Wep pass phrases, 'cause I don't use them.
I think the pass phrases just provides data to munge to generate
the keys.

I use it - I love it - I'll be glad to help any way I can.

John Lind
john at starfire.MN.ORG

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