help logging a crash

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Sun Jan 16 09:26:26 PST 2005

> for the moment, I only did the kernel. I dont want to spend alot of 
> time on this if its still unstable.
> Looks like as long as I add DDB to the kernel and make it, I should 
> get some crash dump ?

Yes, but you'll need to define the dump device and place to save the 
dump from the swap in the next reboot. In addition

makeoptions DEBUG=-g is needed in the kernel config as well (symbols!) 
options DDB_UNATTENDED can be a good idea.

I think that separate kernel and userland is a bad idea, especially now, 
when you have 5.3_STABLE kernel, and 5.3_RELENG userland. There are 
small and subtle changes in both which make the correct userland/kernel 
combination vital and following the correct procedure of 
compiling/installing them.


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