My 'ls' is all messed up?!

villain villain at
Sun Jan 16 09:15:16 PST 2005

This happened today for unknown reasons:

root# cd /etc ; ls
X11/      disktab       localtime     netstart*   phones                       remote
aliases@    dumpdates   locate.rc     network.subr              ppp/            resolv.conf
aliases.db   fbtab      login.access   networks   printcap              rmt@     fstab       login.conf    newsyslog.conf            profile         rpc
apmd.conf   ftpusers  login.conf.db   nsmb.conf   protocols             services
auth.conf   gettytab  mac.conf      nsswitch.conf       pwd.db                 shells
bluetooth/   gnats/     mail/         ntp.conf*   rc                    skel/
crontab     group       mail.rc       opieaccess        rc.conf                spwd.db
csh.cshrc   host.conf   make.conf     opiekeys    rc.d/                 ssh/
csh.login   hosts       manpath.config  pam.d/          rc.firewall            ssl/
csh.logout   hosts.allow  manpath.config.bak    passwd                  rc.firewall6           sysctl.conf
cvsupfile*   hosts.equiv  master.passwd         pccard_ether*           rc.resume*             syslog.conf
defaults/   hosts.lpd   motd          periodic/   rc.sendmail           termcap@
devd.conf   inetd.conf   mtree/       periodic.conf*            rc.shutdown     ttys
devfs.conf   isdn/      namedb@       pf.conf           rc.subr                usbd.conf
dhclient.conf  netconfig   pf.os             rc.suspend*            wall_cmos_clock

What happened to the orderly fashion everything used to be displayed in?

I haven't done anything to ls, nor anything else worth mentioning!

chris mv @

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