Samba3/CUPS printing

Colin J. Raven colin at
Sun Jan 16 06:19:57 PST 2005

It would seem as if my HP psc2105 printer is recognised under 
FreeBSD-5.3, but of course there are some minor issues.
Without reopening old wounds lpd(?) vs CUPS, this is what I'm getting 
from /var/log/messages:

Jan 16 14:54:13 kenmore smbd[65656]: [2005/01/16 14:54:13, 0] 
Jan 16 14:54:13 kenmore smbd[65656]:   Unable to connect to CUPS server 
localhost - Connection refused

That is what heppened when I tried to print a test page from an XP 
workstation. (Samba configured using SWAT BTW)

I'm half way there (or not depending on how you choose to look at it) 
can anyone help out in getting the printer to actually [gasp] *print* 

Regards & TIA,

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