very annoying sound!

Chris racerx at
Sun Jan 16 02:47:33 PST 2005

Sean wrote:
> I am running kde 3.3 and there is one very annoying sound that I cannot 
> find where to turn off.
> Whenever the system bell beeps there is also a sound of someone trying 
> to clear their throat. It is driving me crazy!
> I have tried turning all sound on, all sounds off, going through sounds 
> one by one, resets and default options.
> I cannot turn this sound off.
> Can anyone help before insanity takes over?
> Thanks
> Sean

When you finally realize you don't have a sound card and speakers - 
you'll then know it's the other voices in your head.

Next - try posting to the KDE list if you're having issues within KDE.

Now, will whomever is doing all this nonsensical postings either get a 
life or end it? Are you in that much misery?

I'm fairly certain this is just a flux of pissed-off Linux users having 

Best regards,

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