Printer fails to work after upgrade to 5.3

Ned Harrison nharrison at
Sat Jan 15 19:57:00 PST 2005

I have a Cannon S520 printer that I had working under 5.2.1 using cups with 
KDE as a graphical interface. After upgrading I have not been able to get it 
to print.  

I get no error messages when I send a document to print. Even test prints 
bring back a message stating the test print was successfull, however the 
printer does not respond.

I double checked my packages in case I deleted any.  Ghostscrip-gnu-nox11 is 
still installed as well as cups.  I still have a symbolic link from to in the ~/etc/rc.d directory.  

 The /etc/make.conf file still has CUPS_OVERWRITE_BASE=yes and NO_LPR=yes in 
it.  The corresponding lp commands in /usr/bin are symbolicly linked to their 
counterparts in /usr/local/bin/lp.

Is there something basic that I have missed or a change which needs to be 
added?  I have created the libmap.conf file to adjust the different threading 
libraries.  What would I need to do to try to get an error message via the 
command line?  I'm a newbie, when I first set up the printer under 5.2.1, I 
followed some basic set up instructions and the KDE graphical interface took 
right off without problems.  So I never really learned anything. :-)

Any assistance will be appreciated!

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