makefile args overrule

Kris Maglione bsdaemon at
Sat Jan 15 19:43:45 PST 2005

dick hoogendijk wrote:

>Is it possible to *overrule* the arguments from a Makefile in the ports?
>I know you can add some options in the pkgtools.conf (portupgrade), but
>I want to disable a lot of options in the Makefile of apache13 because I
>want to disable a lot of modules. Can I add the options I want to the
>pkgtools.conf to *overrule* the Makefile?
When you get a menu prompt to select options, all that it does is set 
make variables. You can see them in the /var/db/<port>/options file, or 
you can see what they are in the Makefile. Either way, you can specify 
them on the command line as <var>=<value (usually YES/NO)> or in 
pkgtools.conf the same way. You're probably better off editing the 
options file or removing it and running "make config" on the port.
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