how to install samba with outdated port

Kris Maglione bsdaemon at
Sat Jan 15 19:40:41 PST 2005

Marty Landman wrote:

> I gather that my samba port is too old. How can I do the make build && 
> make install using the latest version.

You have three decent options:

1: CVSup your entire ports tree
2: CVS checkout just that port
3: Download that port as a tarball

For three, you can find if at
Search for Samba and click the "download" link. Then, unzip in place of 
the previous samba directory.

You can also try to cheat by editing the distinfo file and renaming the 
file to the version that you have, and editing the Makefile to that 
version too, but that's a bad idea, since any patches to the port are 
for the previous version. Sometimes, though, things like this are 
necessary for certain abandoned ports.
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