this IMAP stuff is kicking my @$$...

Eric F Crist ecrist at
Sat Jan 15 17:15:19 PST 2005

On Jan 15, 2005, at 7:06 PM, albi wrote:

> Eric F Crist wrote:
> hi,
>>> afair squirrelmail depends on Maildir-format mailboxes
>>> if you really want to use the UW-imap (i don't, i'm happily using
>>> courier-imap and squirrelmail since years), then try a webmail 
>>> solution
>>> that works with mbox-format, i think neomail and openwebmail are some
>>> alternatives
>> Actually, I believe squirrelmail just depends on an imap server.
> first i thought you were right, and i though i'm some years behind (i 
> read that squirrelmail depended on imap some years ago), maybe 
> squirrelmail has changed,
> i looked up the requirements on the squirrelmail-page and saw that you 
> were right, uw-imap is in the list of required imap-servers, however, 
> i just read that uw-imap can do imap, and ...
> i know that converting mbox to maildir can be a lot of work, but if i 
> were you i would test with a mbox-based webmail-solution, or... simply 
> try the imap directly with a mailclient which supports imap and/or 
> imap-ssl
>> I don't think it cares what (imap-uw is supported).  My issue resides 
>> with the plain-text password issue.  As per instructions, I've 
>> recompiled imap-uw to allow plain-text, or so I thought, and I still 
>> get the errors.  I followed these instructions: 
>> and I'm 
>> concerned with these messages in /var/log/auth.log:
>> Jan 14 20:15:20 grog imapd[19134]: Login disabled user=user auth=user 
>> host=localhost []
> i have no idea, but i know one thing for sure, the error-message is 
> -not - always showing the exact error
> error-messages are limited to what the programmer(s) made it to act 
> like
> for example, i'm setting up a ftp-server, and in a bootup-script i had
> chmod 700 /home/ and i set /home/ftp to be the ftp-server base-dir
> from the log-files i could not find out that the permissions where 
> wrong, it simply showed login-errors, and gave time-outs
> do you get my point ? i'm trying to say that perhaps squirrelmail 
> still demands a maildir-based imap-server (i don't know whether that's 
> true, google could not give me an answer to that within a reasonable 
> time)
> anyway, i hope you get it working soonish!
> good luck!
> ciao,
> albi

Actually, I know the error is correct.  Actually, I know what I need to 
do to fix this problem, it's just not working for me...  I've posted a 
couple links that direct me in various ways regarding this error, but 
my server won't accept plain-text logins.  Can't figure out how to get 
it to do so.

thanks for your help
Eric F Crist                  "I am so smart, S.M.R.T!"
Secure Computing Networks              -Homer J Simpson
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