FreeBSD 5.3 on Dual Opteron -- experiences?

Sean rsh.lists at
Sat Jan 15 08:21:28 PST 2005

sp0ng3b0b wrote:
> I am getting a quote for a new server.
> I would like to get a box with 2x AMD Opterons and an Intel MF 1000 
> fiber gigabit card.
> Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Opterons and FreeBSD 5.3?
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I am running dual Opteron 246s with 1G of memory on a Tyan Thunder K8W 
S2885ANRF. I want to double my memory when I get the chance.
I am running 6.0-Current however.

So far so good. Things have been solid, finally.
Had some growing pains at first but things have settled the past few 
days. It has been a combination of my playing, and dealing with the 
AMD64 platform versus i386, and I am running in 64 bit mode, not 32 bit.

Good points. Real fast, no delays on anything. Compile times for ports 
or even kernel builds is very quick, in fact impressive.

Bad points. Compatibility. Many ports, such as openoffice and java are 
currently not working on this platform, and I am sure there are others.
Currently trying out Koffice for the first time in a very long while and 
it runs great.
Note, Abiword having intermittent problems running on this platform, at 
least for me.
I am using KDE as my desktop.

Tried pulling out my Linux version of Railroad Tycoon 2 from Loki 
software just a short time ago. So far not much luck, but to be fair I 
have not had much time to troubleshoot. Time is always a problem for me.
But all I can think of is an i386 game designed for Linux and trying to 
run it on an amd64 FreeBSD 6.0 system. Sounds like a hurdle.

	Have fun,

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