Creating your own FreeBSD install CD-ROM

David Landgren david at
Sat Jan 15 01:05:07 PST 2005


how does one go about creating a FreeBSD install CD-ROM? I'd like to be 
able to build my own CD-ROM with as much as possible of the install 
process done automatically. For instance, what parts of FreeBSD to 
install: X or not, games or not, etc. etc. And which ports to install 
straight away. I could also set up cfengine so that as soon as the 
machine came to life it could go and connect to my cfengine repository 
and download all the latest configurations to move into operational status.

E.g., I'd like to just have to specify the partition layout, the name 
and IP of the machine, and its role(s): (web, dns, squid, mta, samba...)

This would make rebuilding so much faster if a machine was 
catastrophically trashed. And it would make my computing installation 
much less dependent on me.

Thanks for any pointers to documentation on the subject, I'm sure people 
have done this before, but I can't coax the results out from my web 


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