this IMAP stuff is kicking my @$$...

David Jenkins david.jenkins at
Fri Jan 14 15:42:50 PST 2005

Eric F Crist wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have to admit that, despite many years of experience using FreeBSD, I 
> am completely lost.  I've looked for all the how-to documents, and 
> general documentation I can, and I don't find it a whole lot of help.  
> Here's what I've got going, and what I hope to achieve.
> First off, I have a running sendmail server with qpopper.  Sendmail is 
> configured for authentication, and it all uses the system user/pass 
> database.  I don't currently have SSL/TLS installed, but I've done it 
> before, and it's not a huge concern right now.
> What I need is a slightly different setup for my users.  As I mentioned 
> in an earlier email, I want to install an IMAP server.  From what I've 
> gleaned from various sources, I need to change from mbox format to 
> maildir.  Is this correct?  Also, I've come to the understanding that 
> IMAP uses a totally different internal MTA, and thus a different user 
> database?
> Can someone point me in the right direction?  I've kinda got 
> courier-imap installed from ports, but I can't log in.  First off, how 
> can I configure courier-imap to use the system accounts?  If I can get 
> this, I can probably work through the SSL/TLS for IMAP, amongst other 
> things.
> Does anyone have a similar setup they can share their experiences about?
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Not too sure about Courier and system accounts. I may be wrong but I 
think it's for virtual users ... I tried it a long time ago and 
configured it to use a MySQL database for the user accounts/passwords.

I currently use dovecot (/usr/ports/mail/dovecot). It's very very fast, 
and highly stable and secure. It support mbox or Maildir, POP3/IMAP and SSL.

As an example, using standard IMAP with Maildir, I have a few folders 
with thousands of emails in and I can view anyone in less than 0.5 seconds.

If you just want to use system accounts then I don't know of a better 
all round IMAP server.


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