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>> So your claim that its a "heavy-duty server" platform is tainted by the 
>> fact that in order to use the fastest server Mobos, you have to use the 
>> slower, 
>> still-under-development 5.x. Which seems counterproductive for an O/S
>> that is trying to establish itself as a choice as a server platform.
>>As was pretty clearly explained in previous threads, FreeBSD 5.x is 
>>slower than 4.x *at certain tasks under certain conditions* because 
>>it is rather considerably more featureful and complex than 4.x 
Unfortunately, one of those "tasks" is networking, which is required by
every server that I know of. As Mr. Watson pointed out, 5.x has significant
"per-packet" inefficiencies. Servers are judged by their capacity, which
is a per-packet issue. Which means that, as a "server", 5.x is 25-30% 
less efficient than 4.x. Inefficient, for you high-schoolers, means "slower"
in this context.

It helps if you understand the big picture.

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