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> People on the FreeBSD and Debian GNU/Linux mailing lists are very
> kind and help you in any case, if you ask questions politely and you
> have searched and read tha manuals first.
> So, why do we start always the war? The real war should be against
> the Bill Gates OSes, instead of fighting among us. I have never heard

The "war" is not against anyone, particularly against commercial O/Ss.

The truth is that FreeBSD has lost their way. They started out with a focus
on Intel platforms and a solid and dedicated development team. Now they 
have lost some of their top talent in development, and they are trying to
support too many platforms with a skeleton force. They simply are not
in position to compete in a "war" of any kind.

The "war" should be to do what you do better than anyone else, however
small the niche. FreeBSD has lost sight of what it wants to be, through a 
lack of focus and conviction, by spreading themselves too thin over too 
many platforms. Once FreeBSD was THE choice on an i386 platform. Its
now in danger of becoming just another cool O/S, which is a darned shame.

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