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Fri Jan 14 06:24:37 PST 2005

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, lord grinny wrote:

> Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>> Ramiro Aceves writes:
>> RA> So, why do we start always the war? The real war
> should be against the
>> RA> Bill Gates OSes, instead of fighting among us.
>> Professionals and serious amateurs in IT never wage
> "wars" at all.
> Don't they?? Then what are all the law suits about?

It should be noted here, that, by and large for the most part, lawsuits 
are rarely waged by the folks actually doing the toiling. The people who 
pour their blood, sweat, tears into the work being fought over, are rarely 
the ones who initiate serious nuclear level legal action. People with a 
passion for what they do, are typically consumed by their passion for it. 
I should know. I love any damned thing with a circuit.

An example is the SCO suit. This is a purely greed motivated lawsuit. No 
serious I.T. Professional, one who actually gives a damn about the 
profession, is behind it really. Sure, there are lines of debate. But, in 
my experience, serious IT folks just love playing with their toys. They 
could care less about waging wars for money in the typical business 

This is why software patent debates are all the rage, atm. It inhibits 
being able to make new toys from old ones. Imagine child A, suing child B, 
because child B has built something with his lego's that vaguely resembles 
something that child A built. The vague resemblence in this case, is that 
blocks were stuck together to make something.

That's a very vanilla way to sum it all up. Generic, if you will. But, in 
the end, I just want to point out, legal wars arent started very often by 
people who sign up for mailing lists such as these. They are generally 
started and waged by the people wishing to make money off the work of 
people who sign up for mailing lists such as these. It's an important 
distinction, and one that shouldnt be lost in the mix of voices.

More to the point, I think, by and large, religious OS wars are what you 
expect from packet kiddies sitting in #warez on some IRC network. It 
certianly dosent belong here. And, such folks are not I.T. professionals.

This is a list, where, I have seen, you are treated according to how you 
act. If you act like a child, you will be treated as such. No war, no 
agression. The person who started this thread, acted like a crying little 
child, because, he couldnt have what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he 
wanted it. FreeBSD is not the 4 seasons. It's a hostel. You get what you 
pay for. And, how you carry yourself, is going to reflect on how you are 

If you cannot deal with that, then, you maybe need to find somewhere else 
to go. FreeBSD won't die because Boris can't get his motherboard to work. 
FreeBSD will however, suffer if it tolerates people like Boris, who after 
not getting the answer they wanted, troll and instigate flame wars.

It's why its always safest to give a little giggle, and move on. No flame 
war needed. =)

Just my $0.02. =)


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