DNS: querying route DNS

Andrew P. infofarmer at mail.ru
Fri Jan 14 06:22:26 PST 2005

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> If your ISPs nameservers are unreliable or overloaded, and not giving 
> you a good service, then one course of action you might consider is just 
> configuring the named(8) built into your FreeBSD system to do recursive 
> DNS lookups for you. (And caching -- but that's a given for any sort of 
> DNS server).  If you (or anyone) is interested I'll be happy to post a 
> HowTo to the list.

Hello Matthew!

I'm sure it won't be difficult for anyone to find a named(8) how-to,
but I'd be very glad to see your post, please. I currently use djbdns,
but I'm not very happy with it and I'd like to try something else.

Thanx in advance!

Best wishes,
Andrew P.

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