Hyperthreading hurts 5.3?

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Jan 13 18:22:27 PST 2005

> The other AMD processor, on my server, dramatically overheated for 8-12
> hours at a time (process stuck in a loop--I never found out why).  It
> damaged something that failed intermittently at first (segment
> violations in the kernel and in daemons that should never have such
> problems), then got worse and worse over a few days, until it failed
> completely.

It was not my machine, maybe it had been giving some warnings, but the
one in charge failed to notice them.
> I decided to build my own.  I was tired of not knowing what was inside
> the machine, and finding out the hard and expensive way that many
> corners had been cut.  I also got tired of having stacks and stacks of

I rely on a shop that I trust, and for servers, I give the exact
requirements :)

And of course I always open a new box before I power it on...

> unused stereo mini-speakers, ultra-cheap keyboards, and equally cheap
> mice.  Not to mention paying for Windows and a boatload of absolutely

At least we do not pay for Windows, that is Thailand :) (partial BS as
we have a site licence for Windows, shame!)


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