login.conf problems

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Jan 13 14:33:31 PST 2005

"Static" <static at tatersalad.net> writes:

> Im trying to add a class that will limit processes and session limits, I added this
> ircd:\
>        :tc=default:\
>        :copyright=/etc/COPYRIGHT:\
>        :welcome=/etc/motd:\
>        :setenv=MAIL=/var/mail/$,BLOCKSIZE=K:\
>        :path=~/bin /bin /usr/bin /usr/local/bin:\
>        :manpath=/usr/share/man /usr/local/man:\
>        :nologin=/var/run/nologin:\
>        :ftp-chroot:\
>        :cputime=1h30m:\
>        :datasize=100M:\
>        :vmemoryuse=100M:\
>        :stacksize=2M:\
>        :memorylocked=4M:\
>        :memoryuse=8M:\
>        :filesize=100M:\
>        :coredumpsize=8M:\
>        :openfiles=24:\
>        :maxproc=32:\
>        :priority=0:\
>        :requirehome:\
>        :idletime=30m:\
>        :sessionlimit=2:\
>        :umask=002:\
>        :ignoretime@:\
> Then I proceed to run "cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf" then I make a user with the login class of ircd, but the session limits dont seem to work, was curious if anyone out there knew how to fix that

Which ones don't work?  [Not all of them are implemented.]

How did you add the new user?  Did the password database get rebuilt?

Do the limits appear to be changed in the output of limits(1)?

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