How to use X without installing X?

Richard Morse remorse at
Thu Jan 13 11:06:22 PST 2005

Hi!  I have a FreeBSD 5 STABLE computer which is acting as a server.  
Because it doesn't need it, I don't want to install all of X -- my goal 
is that there shouldn't be anything that I can't do over ssh from a 

Unfortunately, Oracle doesn't agree with me.

I need to install the Oracle client software on this computer -- it 
won't actually be an Oracle server, but does need to be able to connect 
to various other servers (mostly from PHP and DBD::Oracle).

Apparently, in order to run the installer for 9i, it needs X.  But, I 
figure it shouldn't need all of X, because I intend to connect via `ssh 
-X` from a different computer which is running X to actualy do the 
display.  However, even once I've installed 'x11/xorg-libraries', when 
I `ssh -X` to the box $DISPLAY is not set.

What is the minimum that I need to install to make this work?

Ricky Morse

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