anyone using Putty and ssh-agent?

Dan Langille dan at
Thu Jan 13 06:23:12 PST 2005

On 13 Jan 2005 at 8:29, Jon Krause wrote:

> From: "Dan Langille" <dan at>
> Subject: anyone using Putty and ssh-agent?
> : I'm trying to get putty and ssh-agent working under 5.3-stable.  
> : Anyone succeeded?
> : 
> : I have plain ssh working with ssh-agent, but not putty. The issue is  
> : just putty, not ssh-agent.

> What version of Putty are you using?  
> There are know issues with ssh2 on earlier versions of Putty.
> Try Putty Release 0.56

It is Putty 0.56.

And I have solved the issue.  I was getting prompted for my user 
name.  I assumed that indicated ssh-agent was not working.  I entered 
my user name, and I'm logged in.

I went to the configuration items and set "Auto-login username" to 
'dan'.  Now when I run putty, all I need to do is specify the 
hostname, and I'm logged in.

[for those trying to find out how to do this, the hosts I logged into 
already have my public ssh key in their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file]

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