problem with the last login

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Wed Jan 12 18:20:11 PST 2005

Guys! I¡¦ve got some problems with motd as following description:
After logging in system, messages: last login¡Bcopyright¡Bos version¡Bmotd 
will show on the screen in sequence.
According to the man page for motd, use touch ~/.hushlogin can suppress those 
messages besides the last login part.
1.So I just want to know how to suppress the last login part?
Another question is I also try to make it off through the way adding 
update_motd=¡¨NO¡¨ to the file /etc/rc.conf.  But it doesn¡¦t work!
2.Can anyone tell me does this way still work on my system FreeBSD 5.1-

Thanks a lot!

                                       fancalenno Hsiau 

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