FreeBSD 5.3 on Dual Opteron -- experiences?

Jason Henson jason at
Wed Jan 12 17:03:21 PST 2005

On 01/12/05 15:12:42, sp0ng3b0b wrote:
> I am getting a quote for a new server.
> I would like to get a box with 2x AMD Opterons and an Intel MF 1000  
> fiber gigabit card.
> Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Opterons and FreeBSD  
> 5.3?
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I forgot, runs FreeBSD on amd64 systems.  Try posting in  
the forum, there are several unix people that use smp machines in their  
rendering farms.  Chris Tom runs the site and you could ask him how it  
is doing, but last time I read a post from him on it he loved it.

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