Freebsd 5.3 Performance

Chris racerx at
Wed Jan 12 16:44:05 PST 2005

Tm4528 at wrote:
> Mr Watson,
> As you are listed as the leader of the FreeBSD foundation, and you seem to be 
> the
> only one willing to admit that FreeBSD 5.3 is not yet up to the performance 
> of 4.x, 
> doesn't in concern you that:
> 1) Freebsd 4.x is not being supported as a production O/S, and the "support" 
> is
> ending with 4.11 before 5.x is ready performance-wise?
> 2) FreeBSD 4.x doesn't seem to work well with the 7520/5 chipsets, which are
> required to run the latest Intel XEON CPUs (Dell's most powerful servers, for 
> example, 
> are based on the 7520). A long-standing PR has been largely ignored
> 3) None of your "developers", according to Ted M, have ever "heard of" Intel's
> latest and most powerful chipsets.
> 4) no one in your "organization" seems to care about 1, 2 or 3
> FreeBSD has fallen into a performance "hole" of sorts, in that the fastest 
> version
> doesnt run on the fastest Motherboards. Its easily correctable, by simply 
> dedicating
> resources for a day or 2 to find out whats wrong with the 7520 support. I'd 
> like to hear 
> why you don't think its worthwhile, as a primary goal, to make certain that 
> the
> fastest version of the product works well on the fastest available 
> motherboards. 

Hahahaha - are we smelling a troll?!

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I finally got it all together ...
but I forgot where I put it.

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