FW: Vinum bootable RAID-1 setup help - RESOLVED

Faisal Ali faisal.ali at kwe.com
Wed Jan 12 14:14:41 PST 2005


To follow-up on my initial question, Iam happy to inform that I have
bootable RAID-1 FreeBSD 5.3 i386 Release working using "gmirror" using
excellent documentation provided on


Thankyou for the heads-up in the Errata about GEOM related changes. Using
"gvinum" I got the system booted and working, but I just could'nt add second
drive and create a mirror, may be its because the vinum port to GEOM is not
complete yet.


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> Sent:	Wednesday, December 22, 2004 5:26 PM
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> Subject:	Vinum bootable RAID-1 setup help
> Hello,
> I really tried my best to follow the FreeBSD handbook documentation to
> setup bootable RAID-1 volume, I just can't seem to understand Section
> 17.9.2, Iam working with 5.3 i386 Release.
> Attached is the output of what I have done so far. Please tell me how do I
> apply section 17.9.2 next.
> Sorry to ask such a lengthy question, but Iam contacting you after trying
> my utmost to follow the documentation.
> A quick history.I have setup FreeBSD 5.3 on HP NetServer containing two
> 4.26GB hotswappble Ultra2 SCSI drives.
> Thankyou
> Faisal Ali
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>  << File: vinum bootable RAID-1 setup.txt >> 

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