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Wed Jan 12 12:38:02 PST 2005

On 12 January, 2005, at 14:54 (-0500)
Kris Maglione <bsdaemon at> wrote:

> >Maybe fetchmail is what you need?  That is what most of dialup users use when they run their own MTA servers.
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> Fetchmail uses POP.

It'll do more than just POP. From the man page:

              AUTO   Tries  IMAP,  POP3,  and  POP2 (skipping any of these for
                     which support has not been compiled in).

              POP2   Post Office Protocol 2

              POP3   Post Office Protocol 3

              APOP   Use POP3 with old-fashioned MD5-challenge authentication.

              RPOP   Use POP3 with RPOP authentication.

              KPOP   Use POP3 with Kerberos V4 authentication on port 1109.

              SDPS   Use POP3 with Demon Internet's SDPS extensions.

              IMAP   IMAP2bis,  IMAP4,  or  IMAP4rev1  (fetchmail  autodetects
                     their capabilities).

              ETRN   Use the ESMTP ETRN option.

              ODMR   Use the the On-Demand Mail Relay ESMTP profile.

It seems like the ideal solution for the original poster's needs. It can
pull mail down from the external machine, using any of the above protocols,
and will feed the mail to the internal machine's SMTP server.

Brian Clapper,

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