How dangerous is HFS+ in FreeBSD 5.3?

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Wed Jan 12 12:32:42 PST 2005

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005, Timothy Luoma wrote:
>On Jan 12, 2005, at 9:07 AM, Eric Anderson wrote:
>>If you are simply recovering your mp3's^H^H^H^H^Hdata,
>Heh... actually my iPod is FAT32 because I had it with Windows before I 
>had a Mac.
>>then just mount it read only, copy data, unmount.. After the copy, who 
>>cares if it trashes it?
>yeah, read only is a good idea.
>I decided that rather than messing with HFS+ in FreeBSD (when I'll 
>likely never use it again), I would just enable FTP on FreeBSD and 
>upload the files.  It'll take a little longer to do the copy, but I can 
>do it right now and work on other things while it is running, rather 
>than having to learn how to enable HFS+ (which would be good to know, 
>but I've got a lot of other things pressing at the moment, so saving a 
>bit of time today is good).

I was going to suggest ftp, rsync, scp, or some other network transfer.

>I guess the next question is figuring out what filesystem to use on the 
>drive once all the data I want/need is off of it.

The external firewire drives on all our Macs, and at least half
the available space on their internal hard drives is partitioned
with UFS file systems.  Originally I did this to avoid the OS X
case insensitivity which bit me in the butt within an hour of my
first porting efforts.

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