Trouble starting MySQL

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Wed Jan 12 06:51:01 PST 2005

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> On Jan 12 at 14:12, Walker, Michael said (somewhat confusingly):
>> owner-freebsd-questions at wrote:
>>> On Jan 12 at 12:46, I said:
>>>> PHP 4.3.10 (cli) (built: Jan 11 2005 23:15:42) (DEBUG) mysql-4.1.7
>>>> both installed from ports
>>>> FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE
>>> When I take a look at a phpinfo page, it shows no mention that MySQL
>>> exists. AFAIK this ought not to be so.
>>> I installed php last night (again, from ports) and remembered that
>>> there oughtta be support for mysql. So this is how I built php, though
>>> now I'm wondering if I installed it correctly since it seems braindead
>>> to the existence of MySQL
>>> make with-mysql=yes install clean
>> I don't have a FreeBSD box at work with me at the moment.
>> But check out the following (Im assuming one to be correct)
>> /usr/ports/lang/php-extentions
>> /usr/ports/lang/php4-extentions
>> If both are wrong, it is somewhere very similar.
> I'm sorry, you probably think I'm being dense...
> but
> I (honestly) don't understand what you mean.
> Do you mean that one (or other, or both) must *also* be installed for
> php to have any clue that MySQL exists?

yes and its /usr/ports/lang/php4-extentions
when you run make install it will give you a listing of all the extions that 
you can install for php just slect mysql from the list

> A colleague has an identical setup and - AFAIK - didn't install either
> one on this or prior installations of FreeBSD/MySQL/php.

Before i updated php to 4.3.10 i didnt have to any of the extions installed 
for my setup to work . then after i upgraded php i had all kinds of issues 
nuthing worked,I found out that for 4.3.10 to work  the way i whanted it to 
i had to install just about every extion in the list. along with recompiling 
php its self to inable the extions that i needed.

> If this is a dense and utterly silly question then please excuse the
> braindead nature of it.

not at all.

>Today has been a long and frustrating day.

> Thanks for the ongoing help and advice
> -Colin

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