A question occured when installing FreeBSD5.3

Peng Shan freehomesp at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Jan 11 20:47:19 PST 2005

"The boot menu offers you the option of booting without ACPI.
That should get your system to boot."

Sorry,I forget to tell that this prompt occur when I use the 6 boot item and input "boot -v".

Almost all the item included boot with ACPI disabled,every time booting stopped with the screen displaying "ad0:38154MB<IC25N040ATMR04-0/M020AD0A7>[77520/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA100 
acd0:CDROM<QSI CD-ROM SCR-242/CXRC> at ata1-master UDMA33 "

And there are other prompt with other booting items:

unknown:<PNP0401> cannot assign resources(ports) 
unknown:<PNP0f13>cannot assign resources(irq) 
unknown:<PNP0303>cannot assign resources(ports

fdc0:cannot allocate I/O port 6 ports 
configured irq 4 not in the bitmap of probed irqs 0 

Those two error prompts occured before the first error.

Is there anyone know the problem?? 

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