SA, Bayes, and You (erm, Me)

Eric F Crist ecrist at
Tue Jan 11 20:35:16 PST 2005

Hello list,

Here's a question for anyone familiar with SpamAssassin.  I've trained 
my bayes database with a few hundred pieces of ham and spam, and my 
email filtering has gotten a lot better.  However, when I read the 
headers of any messages, I notice that they ALL say 'autolearn=no', 
even though I've enabled autolearn in (bayes_auto_learn 1).  
Here's an example:

	X-Spam-Flag: 	YES
	X-Spam-Status: 	Yes, hits=18.9 required=5.0 
autolearn=no version=2.64
	X-Spam-Report: 	*  1.0 FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS From: ends in numbers *  1.2 
MIME_HTML_MOSTLY BODY: Multipart message mostly text/html MIME *  0.1 
HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message *  0.1 
HTML_FONTCOLOR_UNSAFE BODY: HTML font color not in safe 6x6x6 palette * 
  1.1 RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 BODY: Razor2 gives confidence between 51 
and 100 *      [cf: 100] *  5.4 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayesian spam 
probability is 99 to 100% *      [score: 1.0000] *  1.0 RAZOR2_CHECK 
Listed in Razor2 ( *  0.1 RCVD_IN_SORBS_DUL RBL: 
SORBS: sent directly from dynamic IP address *      [ 
listed in] *  0.7 RCVD_IN_DSBL RBL: Received via a 
relay in *      [<>] 
*  1.5 RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET RBL: Received via a relay in *      [Blocked - see 
<>] *  4.9 RCVD_IN_XBL 
RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus XBL *      [ listed 
in] *  1.7 RCVD_IN_NJABL_DUL RBL: NJABL: dialup 
sender did non-local SMTP *      [ listed in]

thanks for the input.

Eric F Crist                  "I am so smart, S.M.R.T!"
Secure Computing Networks              -Homer J Simpson
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