smtp pull

Haulmark, Chris chris at
Tue Jan 11 15:54:32 PST 2005

Someone broke the silence: 

> Hi,
> Looking for some thoughts on the following scenario.
> firewall ---- smtp2
> smtp1
> smtp1 is on the DMZ. So smtp1 is the first point of call for incoming
> mail. Mail ultimately has to end up on smtp2 however I do not
> want smtp1
> to simply forward the mail to smtp2 as I'll have to
> explicitly allow the
> setup of port 25 through the firewall to smtp2.
> I would like smtp2 to connect to smtp1 and pull back the mail so that
> it's smtp2 that initiating an outgoing connection to smtp1.

Maybe fetchmail is what you need?  That is what most of dialup users use when they run their own MTA servers.


> Is there any smtp type approach I can use?
> Obviously I can make smtp1 drop the mail in a mailbox on
> smtp1 and then
> get smtp2 to imap or pop the mail out however I'm looking for
> something that's fast and pop doesn't really excite me..
> Anyone have any other thoughts?
> Thanks,
> ajt.

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