ip address behind router ?

Tom Connolly tomc at cqg.com
Tue Jan 11 08:39:46 PST 2005

Shane Ambler wrote:
> Looks to me that this page is not entirely accurate. (at least from
> where I 
> am)
> It would appear to get a proxy server somewhere along the way.

Yes this is true.  If your behind a proxy or have a complicated network
setup, this will fail.  For most DSL/Cable modem customers this simple
solution will work fine.  These services are going to get the IP address
of the last packet sent from the network.  If you have more than one
router, this will be the last router (NAT device) in your setup.  It
should work for most simple cases though.

There are also some other web servers out there that offer this
functionality.  Just Google on external or outside IP and see if any of
the other sites show any differences.

> I would consider using the dynamic dns services - such as no-ip - and
> use a perl script that updates then ping your dns name. Not sure if
> they are more accurate that the below idea though.  

That is an interesting idea.  I would bet they may have the same
problems with proxy servers and such but it would be worth a try.

Good Luck,

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