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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Tue Jan 11 06:33:43 PST 2005

Tri wrote:

> I am currently learning about unix, and my teacher told me about 
 > freebsd. He also told me that this program is free, stable, and
> secure. I am interested in creating my own ftp server using 
> freedsb. However, I don't know how. I've tried to search from 
> google on how to setup a freedsb server, but not much success. 
> Do you have any links or tutorials on how to setup my own ftp 
> server using freebsd? 

You must have come accross the FreeBSD handbook

when you visited the freebsd site and subscribed to the list - it tells 
you everything you need to know - or at least get started.

> Second, is it possible for me to use one hard drive and use it 
> as a ftp server, and while using a secondary hard drive as a 
> webserver for my niece on one computer? 

You can use one hard disk or as many as you can fit into your box. You 
don't need to keep the ftp server and web server on separate harddisks 
unless you don't have enough disk space.

But, take it easy, don't try and do everything in your first install. I 
recommend you take one step at a time and get comfortable with where you 
got - it is easier to locate where something went wrong.

Cheers, Erik

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