Need Guidance in my Internet Connection Sharing configuration - SOLVED - Thank you

Srot BULL pwd8jmr22w at
Mon Jan 10 20:43:56 PST 2005

To All:

Chuck Swiger <cswiger at>
>> By the way, is my system clock wrong or yours?
> Your clock seems to be off.
In my Gnome Desktop my date and time are correct but anyways I will try
to find out about this one...

John <john at>
> If you are getting DHCP from your aDSL modem, it is very likely that
> it is already doing NAT for you (and firewalling).  Doing NAT upon
> NAT is probably not productive.  If you are getting an RFC1597
> private (non-routed) address, this is certainly the case.  Otherwise,
> try logging in to your aDSL (the provided documentation should
> tell you how) and see if it doesn't have NAT settings.
> If my suspicion is correct, then you simply need to connect a switch
> or hub between your aDSL modem and your computers.  Just be aware,
> many aDSL modems come configured with a very small DHCP pool
> (often just 2 or 4 addresses), so you may have to expand that
> (again, by logging in to the administrative function of your
> aDSL modem, hopefully through a web browser, though some require
> an [often Windows-only] custom application).
I tried this connection last year and found out that every time I try to
connect to the Internet in either computer, the aDSL Modem just cuts-off
and that was the time I thought that I should be using NAT but since I
had to study on IPFW and NATD, I had to do some research and it took me
some time to try what I am trying today or shall I say I tried since
last week...

Benjamin Sobotta <mayday at>
> To make sure I understand, you can reach the internet from your
> router? So it is really a routing problem, right?
> The interface connected to the modem is bge0? aue0 is connected to
> your internal network?! Your internal machines can ping the router??
> If everything is so then try 
> natd_interface="bge0"
> instead of what you have. Actually I'm not sure at all because I'm not
> on my machine. Anyways, might be worth a shot. Ohh and don't forget to
> reboot after you did the changes. If this doesn't work I would try
> everything without all those firewall rules. Start out easy and when
> it works you can still add rule after rule. Always try pinging IPs 
> because DNS might not work right away.
I tried this one and it worked...

Frank J. Laszlo <laszlof at>
>> natd_interface="aue0"
> this should be your external (ADSL) interface
Yes, I tried this one and it worked...

To all of you who responded, Thank you very very...much
was what made my system enables my Internet Connection Sharing
Once again, thank you to all of you and of course to the FreeBSD
Documentation Team...

Could not CC to all because I forgot how to send an Email with multiple
CC addresses in...Hehehe

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