Anil Gaddam anilmx at
Mon Jan 10 14:00:06 PST 2005

Dear FreeBSD team,
My name is Anil C. Gaddam. I am interested in starting
an official FreeBSD IRC channel. I will start the
channel on Freenode IRC network. Freenode thrives to
host many official supports channels for various
open-source projects. Currently Freenode is home to
Gentto, fedora, and debian. It is also home to widely
known projects such as phpbb. Given permission from
the appropriate authority, I can host a official
channel IRC support channel for Freebsd. This will
greatly benifit newbie users and others who are
experiencing problems and try to seek a "quick fix". 

About freenode:
freenode, a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center.
PDPC is an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt

He is how freenode describes it self:

In 1998, the network had about 200 users and less than
20 channels. We currently peak at over 20,000 users
and contain a wide variety of project channels. It's
hard to maintain a friendly IRC environment, and we
put a lot of effort into it. It requires social hacks
and software hacks. We continue to grow and we'll keep
working to ensure that the network remains a
productive and a useful place.

Sincerely yours, 
Anil Gaddam.
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