NFS export of evolution

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Jan 10 13:32:08 PST 2005

Andrew L. Gould wrote:

> I had a hard time sharing NFS directories that were not actual mount 
> points.  When I changed the shared directories in /etc/exports to 
> actual mount points (not directories below them) with -alldirs, I was 
> able to mount the specific subdirectories I wanted on the client side.  
> Although /etc/exports allows me to limit access to my own user, the 
> idea of sharing whole mount points makes me a little nervous, so I 
> don't use NFS much.   I'm sure I've done something wrong; but I found 
> it easier to use the alternatives below than to hunt down the problem.

OK, this appears to be a different problem, I understod Robert was able 
to mount.

Anyway, the NFS documentation isn't completely clear but, you can export 
any directory, say /var/ftp/pub which I have on my /var partition.

But you can only use the option -alldirs when exporting a partition. 
Exporting a partition with -alldirs allows you to mount any sub-
directory. If you do not want to export all directories in the whole 
partition you have to list each directory you want to be mountable.

Also, permisions are set on a per partition-host/net combination, so 
this is NOT ok:

/var/ftp/pub -ro -network -mask
/var/httpd -rw -network -mask

however this would be ok:

/var/ftp/pub -ro -network -mask
/var/ftp/pub -rw -network -mask
/home/httpd -rw -network -mask

this is really anoying :-( due to the permissions, and the the restric-
tion on -alldirs you have to partition your disk according to the per-
missions you want to nfs export the different things.

It might be worth creating a slice for nfs exports, it is easier to 
repartion as needed if the slice doesn't also host your OS.

Cheers, Erik
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