buildup of Windows time_wait talking to fbsd 4.10

Len Conrad LConrad at
Mon Jan 10 09:26:21 PST 2005

>Just off the top of my head...
>You mentioned the freebsd machine is the gateway.  Do you have a firewall 
>on the host blocking connections from the windows machine?

a forgotten detail is that the windows machine sends just fine to the 4.10 
gateway for a few minutes, but the time_wait inevitably builds up, so smtp 
access from windows to either gateway is ok.

>   Do you have a different kernel configuration between 4.7 and 4.10?


>  i.e. do you have something like ipdivert, etc in the kernel on one box 
> and not the other? Can the windows machine ping the ip as 
> its a different class C?

sure, basic connectivity is ok.


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